How to be more productive in the home office: with 8 tips

How to be more productive in the home office One of the many things we saw really change during the pandemic is the way we work.

Many people in this period saw themselves radically changing the ways of working they had always been used to: from office hours 9 am to 6 pm to indefinite hours, in which work blends into private and family life.

Consequently, this interferes with productivity. For some, working from home ends up creating stress, but it's all a matter of knowing how to manage the routine.

How to be more productive in the home office

Otherwise, you could waste a good deal of your time with distractions and end up not being able to complete your tasks.

So, to have more productivity at home, follow the tips below!

Understand how to be more productive in the home office

  1. organize your space
  2. establish a routine
  3. don't do housework at work time
  4. avoid distractions
  5. don't stop relating to people
  6. don't work in your pajamas
  7. rate your energy
  8. do exercises

1 – Organize your workspace

What is your place of work? Find a comfortable corner of your home that has everything you need to work without distractions. In other words, do not work with the TV on, as this can interfere with your concentration.

Remembering that it is good to have a comfortable chair to maintain a correct posture and not feel pain and more fatigue later. Also, the place needs to have good lighting and be well organized.

If your desk is cluttered and cluttered with stacked papers, that's a bad sign and doesn't help you be more productive.

2 – Establish a routine

Just as establishing the workspace is essential, creating habits is paramount. The schedule of each workday must be planned even if it is at home.

That way, with hours of productivity interspersed with breaks, you'll feel more active too.

For example, having well-defined schedules will help you keep a steady pace throughout the days.

Also, in your routine, you need to take time to distract yourself. A leisurely reading or even meditation are some examples that will improve your quality of life and also your sleep.

3 – Do not do housework during working hours

While you spend your time indoors, differentiate between work and housework and your time in front of the computer.

Make sure your working hours are not interspersed with activities like washing clothes or cleaning the house, otherwise your productivity will drop.

Also, to know how to avoid procrastination, you need to have well-defined schedules, as mentioned earlier, and not stop working to do other things at home.

So, set aside a time other than work time to perform these tasks, preferably on weekends.

4 – Avoid distractions

Create limits with what can distract you at home. There are those who are distracted by children, parents or colleagues who want to talk, dogs and cats looking for affection, or those who are attracted to TV series and social networks.

There are too many distractions at home. Your focus, therefore, will be to create limits that don't compromise your productivity.

It's normal for you to be tempted to join Instagram all the time, but would you do it if you were in a normal business routine?

5 – Be sure to relate to people

Working from home means, in a way, distance from physical contact with bosses and colleagues, but, of course, it is necessary to continue relating to people.

If you isolate yourself, you can even start to feel depressed and this will influence your productivity. If possible, work as a team, even online, as this will keep you motivated.

6 – Do not work in your pajamas

This is definitely not something that will help us be more productive! Our brain needs a clear detachment to get into “work mode” and being in pajamas is not going to contribute anything to that intention. according to the exam magazine working in pajamas no way

7 – Assess your energy levels

Are you a person who produces more in the morning or at night? This question is crucial if you want to improve your performance and productivity by working from home.

If you don't know it yet, run some tests. For a week, start concentrating on the most important and demanding tasks in the morning, leaving those that require less concentration for the second part of the day, then try to do exactly the opposite in the next week.

8 – Exercise

Exercising is essential for you to keep your mind open and focused. In other words, a sedentary lifestyle does not benefit productivity.

in this post it teaches you to do Check out the 6 best exercises

A morning routine, even a 15-minute workout, will make a huge difference in your mood.

Likewise, an exercise routine, no matter what time of day, is really important so that you don't carry thoughts and worries about work all the time.

In addition, physical activity will help you “disconnect” from stress much more easily, which helps with problem solving. By following these steps, you'll be able to stay much more productive in your home office

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