Learn how to earn Kwai Golds and exchange them for cash

Despite encountering some resistance when entering the market, Kwai has been gaining more and more users. Its simple platform allows you to accumulate Kwai Golds and exchange for cash. What attracts the attention of those who are looking to make an extra income on the internet.

kwai golds

The video platform guarantees more visibility to users, with exclusive promotions and campaigns and even allows them to make extra money by referring friends and accumulating Kwai Golds.

In this article we separate all the tips for you who want to understand more about the social network universe, accumulate Kwai Golds and exchange for cash.

What is Kwai Golds?

Kwai Golds are the Kwai coins. A way to reward users through a gamified system.

Kwai's system works like referral marketing, one of the best ways to make money online, by the way. Where you earn a commission for each user who registers with your invite code.

By performing tasks such as daily check-in, for example, users can earn and accumulate Kwai Golds and exchange them for cash.

What is Kwai Golds for?

In 2021, the app released the Kwai Golds promotion, which rewards users who fulfilled specific tasks within the platform, such as: daily check-in, watch videos and share at the whatsapp the campaign in effect. 

By carrying out these missions, the user accumulates coins, called Kwai Golds, which can be exchanged for real money and be received in a bank account through Pix or common transfers.

In addition, Kwai Golds can also be used for mobile top-ups.

How much is 1,000 Kwai Golds worth?

Want to know how much each Kwai Golds coin is worth in reais? Come let me explain!

Every 10,000 Kwai Golds are equivalent to R$ 1. In other words, 1,000 Kwai Golds are equivalent to R$ 0.10 (ten cents).

This percentage equates to a yield of 0.16% per month.

How much does Kwai pay?

Every day, you can accumulate Kwai Golds through daily check-in, which starts by paying 200 coins in Kwai Golds on the first day.

How to withdraw money from Kwai?

To withdraw money from Kwai, you can register a bank account or even two PIX keys to withdraw money from your account.

Withdrawal can be made daily, but only once and has a minimum amount of R$ 1.50 and a maximum amount of R$ 20 per day.

For accounts that have a lot of money in their account, Kwai releases withdrawals of R$ 500, R$ 3,000 and R$ 10,000.

How to disclose my Kwai code?

To publicize your Kwai code, you can create content about how the platform works. See some tips:

  • create a post on your blog explaining every detail of the application;
  • make daily videos about the platform and post them on your Kwai profile;
  • repurpose videos of up to one minute created for Kwai himself and repost on Youtube Shorts.


In this article you found out what Kwai Gols are, what they are for and how you can exchange them for money.

To accumulate a lot of coins in Kwai, you need to log in every day and do the daily tasks.

That way you'll accumulate a good amount of Kwai Golds and you can redeem them to make a withdrawal or recharge your cell phone.

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