Learn the relationship between muscle mass index and oral health

The relationship between the index of muscle mass and oral health it can be much bigger than many people believe. 

After all, the mouth is of considerable importance for several organic processes and can even influence the cell development of muscle tissues.  

muscle mass index and oral health

How Neglect of Oral Health Can Prevent Muscle Mass Development 

The mouth is the main access route to the body as a whole. Therefore, the appearance of problems in the region can affect the functioning of different parts of the body, including the performance of athletes and muscle mass gain. 

  1. mouth breathing 

Mouth breathing is one of the problems that most interferes with muscle gain. After all, the athlete who has this problem tends to have a bad night's sleep, and as this is the main time to gain lean mass, cell reproduction becomes impaired.  

In addition, mouth breathing causes performance during training to be reduced, affecting: 

  • Posture; 
  • Absorption of O2; 
  • muscle and brain oxygenation; 
  • Body temperature; 
  • Energy levels, among others. 

This condition can be treated through the use of the porcelain orthodontic appliance or other dental appliances, as one of the main causes of this problem is the malposition of the dental arch, causing extra pressure on the muscles and TMJ. 

  1. periodontal diseases 

Also known as periodontitis, this pathology is an aggravation of gingival inflammation that starts to attack the supporting bones of the teeth, tooth roots and blood vessels in the region.  

It turns out that when these microorganisms enter the circulatory system, they can spread throughout the body and form colonies in various body tissues, such as the heart, lungs, brain, joints and muscles.  

Thus, the muscle fibers infected by these bacteria tend to suffer from frequent inflammation and spontaneous bruises, which are as uncomfortable as those resulting from the physical impact.  

Therefore, it is necessary that patients - especially athletes who use the sapphire braces or other fixed appliances – pay attention to oral hygiene and avoid the appearance of inflammation in the gums and the formation of bacterial plaque. 

  1. Caries and other infectious diseases 

Research carried out by various laboratories around the world, followed athletes from different segments and realized that athletes who had dental problems, such as cavities, were injured more easily than other competitors.  

Furthermore, investigations indicated that these injuries were more likely to occur in the musculature and joints. 

Thus, experts believe that caries and other oral lesions – as well as periodontitis – can act as a gateway for bacteria that accumulate in the musculature. 

Ways to prevent oral problems from affecting physical progress 

In addition to preventing the onset of systemic diseases and conditions that threaten the development of muscle mass, adequate oral health care can stimulate faster growth of these structures.  

Therefore, it is essential that athletes are always attentive to: 

  1. Practice of proper hygiene 

Care for the health of teeth must always be based on good hygiene of the oral cavity. After all, it is through this oral cleaning routine that the patient is able to maintain control over microbial reproduction and prevent the onset of diseases. 

Therefore, it is very important that athletes - especially those who use supplements - perform very well brushing their teeth and transparent orthodontic appliance, at least three times a day or 30 minutes after each meal. 

Along with these measures, daily flossing is essential to prevent the build-up of bacteria between the teeth and gums, and cleaning the tongue is also essential. 

It is also recommended that this cleaning be completed with the use of a good mouthwash. 

  1. Carrying out the necessary treatments 

The best way to deal with clinical dental conditions is through prevention. However, as in some cases it is not possible to carry out this necessary prophylaxis – as in the case of structural malformations –, treatment becomes essential. 

However, it is very important that this professional intervention is carried out on the patient as soon as possible. 

This is because, through restoration procedures, the application of dental veneer or the use of orthodontic braces, the dentist is able to avoid complications and the most harmful effects. 

  1. Maintaining a balanced diet 

An unregulated diet is capable of interfering with the well-being of the entire body, compromising the athlete's general health. 

That's because, while the excessive consumption of sugary foods facilitates bacterial reproduction, the lack of vitamins and minerals weakens teeth and reduces muscle development. 

In addition, the immune system directly depends on the absorption of nutrients received through food, to remineralize oral structures and recover cellular tissues from all parts of the body. 

  1. Regular dental follow-up 

It is recommended that all athletes have follow-up visits with a dentist at least once every six months. 

These consultations are important for carrying out a professional cleaning of the structures, for the early identification of pathologies and for carrying out prophylactic treatments.

The patient can also answer questions about aesthetic procedures, such as contact lens in teeth, or about the techniques applied in oral hygiene and how to improve them to ensure that they do not affect muscle development. See too 4 Habits That Damage Your Teeth


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