5 tips for producing content on Instagram

The days when social networks were seen only as interpersonal communication tools are over. Currently, the production in contents at the Instagram it is a prime fuel for business.

now the intagram will allow post with two authors the lack of content is no longer a problem

content production on Instagram

Social media has the power to structure a company's reputation and authority in the digital environment.

In the case of Instagram, this is boosted by the high popularity of the network: as of mid-2021, it has 1.2 billion users. Of these, 110 million are Brazilian.

Thinking about it, knowing how to do Marketing Digital using this popular platform requires specific planning and practices.

Check out the text below to better understand why you should bet on Instagram and know 5 tips to do it correctly and effectively.

How important is Instagram to business?

Every company interested in expanding and consolidating a digital audience needs to bet on some social network.

Among the platforms present on the web, Instagram has important differentials, such as the existence of its own tool for the development of advertisements (the Instagram Ads) and the plurality of formats:

  • Stories;
  • News feed posts;
  • Lives;
  • Receivables

Instagram has a deep integration between image and audiovisual content.

Due to this, the possibilities of marketing strategies multiply, as well as the opportunities for interaction with the public.

As we have already pointed out at the beginning of the text, Instagram is one of the most accessed social networks in the world.

Being present in it means getting in touch with a very wide audience.

5 tips for producing content on Instagram

To start using Instagram as a digital marketing tool, you need to keep certain parameters in mind.

First, the main objective of content marketing must always be to educate the audience so that they are prepared to become a customer.

Then, you need to ensure that new customers feel satisfied and are loyal.

That is, it is a more organic process than how to advertise on Google Ads and it involves interaction and monitoring of reactions in real time.

Below, we list 5 tips for producing content on Instagram taking these peculiarities into account.

  1. Make promotions

Promotions are very popular on Instagram. The default method is to ask users to tag friends and/or share the post to participate.

It is pertinent to make raffles, offer gifts or discounts in these cases. This is a very effective method of gaining new followers. Rest assured that people will remain interested in your profile after the draw is over, so you don't lose new leads.

  1. Bring differentiated information

Treat Instagram as a communication platform closer to the public. Post content that motivates followers to spontaneously interact with you.

You can publish behind-the-scenes images and videos of the company, as well as air interviews and testimonials from employees.

In this way, the company will gain a recognizable identity for the majority of followers.

The humanization of enterprises is a typical feature of the new corporate scenario. This is a highly beneficial phenomenon for both entrepreneurs and consumers in general.

  1. do polls

Instagram has a feature that makes it possible to conduct polls among followers.

That is, the company can ask the public directly for their opinion on any aspect of the business.

There you see a level of proximity and accuracy different from how does facebook ads work, for example.

  1. make lives

Live streams are highly recommended to interact with followers in real time and bring differentiated content to them.

It is recommended to develop a live schedule over a pre-determined period.

Think about the type of information your audience wants to access. Conduct interviews with leading professionals, product demos and tutorials, to cite classic examples.

Always focus on the importance of keeping your customer base well informed about what you sell.

  1. Talk about current events

Staying relevant in a rapidly changing market is also about keeping up with trends.

Make sure your followers know what's new through your profile. From there, the company will not be treated only as a business with an Instagram position.

It will effectively become an important communication channel for many people.


If you made it to the end of this text, you are already aware of all the benefits that Instagram can bring to your business.

Take the listed tips into consideration to craft a posting plan that really makes an impact and reaches your potential customers with more quality. See too How to gain followers on Brazilian free instagram


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