5 Typical Foods from Spain: 3 from Catalonia

Typical Spanish Food: yes, today we are going to talk about one of the gastronomies known worldwide both for its taste and its ingredients.

In this post you will have an idea of dishes and foods from the region that are successful in many restaurants, or local as well as worldwide.

Spanish gastronomy is one of the best known and one of the most varied cuisines in the world and was developed for several centuries by different peoples.

Porem a culinária espanhola e um pouco parecido com a italiana mais na deixe de ver lista de melhor restaurante italiano de SP

A espanha e ser cercada de mar cultiva vários tipos (verduras), criar vários tipos animais isto influencia na sua culinária e também cada região tem seu prato, portanto estes pratos romperam as barreiras ficaram conhecidos tanto local como mundialmente.

Typical Spanish Food: 1 Spanish Croqueta

THE croquette Spanish although it is a dish very associated with Spain, in fact, this food was not developed in the country of its origin, it was developed in France so much so that the sauce that is the base of the dish is the white sauce called bechamel, but this one arrived in the region around 1800 on account of occupations by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Main components of croquette are:

Typical food from Spain

· Bechamel sauce a specific white sauce a little thicker that goes with the noodles.

· Average of 150gram of wheat flour.

· You can add an average of 150 grams of butter.

· Milk an average of 1 liter For the filling, you can choose between meat, chicken or cod

How to prepare it is your choice in case you go to take the sauce and add the filling of your choice make and fry it in case the Spaniards have their techniques to make it very tasty, but if you are visiting Pais don't forget to taste this wonderful dish.

2 course of typical Spanish food: pulpo ala gallega

pulpo is the Spanish way of saying octopus, that is to say an octopus prepared in the gallega way that is talking about the place of the food, which in this case is Galicia, then this dish and the people that are made in this region

However, some more modern recipes have incorporated the potato, but the original does not have potatoes, it only contains the ingredients mentioned in the previous paragraph.

So other typical Spanish food and the Asturian fabada which is also in the north of Spain near Galicia a dish made with white beans which in this case is called fava beans hence the name fabada asturiana because of the place that is the city of asturia.

In addition to the white beans, Chorizo goes Morcilla in this case and it's like a sausage here in Spain and pork bacon

3 typical dish from the Spanish region in the case 2 in 1

Gazpacho: and a cold soup made with tomato, pepper, garlic, olive oil, cucumber made with water, another dish that we will highlight here and the Salmorejo the difference between these two recipes and that the salmorejo does not add water or cucumber

So it makes Gazpacho be thinner than the Salmorejo which is more consistent as it does not add water in its preparation, these two dishes have been consumed here in Spain for a long time.

However, this current recipe was only possible after the exploration of the Americas because until then here in Spain there was no tomato and with the discovery and exploration of America they brought tomatoes here where it was possible to make the dish.

Because the tomato has one of the main ingredients It is responsible for leaving this reddish color, a very beautiful tone when served

Typical Catalunya Foods: discover the main ones in the region

Catalonia is one of the autonomous communities with the most culinary tradition if you are traveling in Spain, you cannot miss eating shims, and a derivative of the dropped onion that is made on the barbecue grill that comes with a salsa called salsa romesco.

See another dish that you can accompany pa amb tomàquet with the same name it already says that saying bread with tomato in case the tomato is crushed and put on the bread, no more, but a special called page pan Rustic on the outside but very soft on the inside, also roasted on a barbecue grill, typical food here from the Catalan culture.

Another good dish from the region food Catalonia and Escudella: this dish is a delicious dish that is typical of this region and is best served in winter, that is, meatballs are very popular here in restaurants in the region.

·  monktes amb botifarra: este prato em bem da região que no caso e feijão com lingüiça e servido nos principais restaurantes da cidade. Agora você pode terminar com uma sobremesa bem tradicional  que e catalan crema, or an egg custard with a thin layer of sugar

conclusion we pass these tips to when you are in the country, opportune to enjoy this wonderful cuisine can also be to see family leisure tips


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