WhatsApp will release 1 'Voice Transcript' feature that converts voice notes to text

THE Whatsapp is supposedly developing a new feature called Voice Transcription. The feature will allow users to convert the audio content received into voice messages into readable text. It is possible that the new feature will be available on WhatsApp on ​​iOS, as there is still no information about it for Android.

WhatsApp vai  lançar o recurso de 'transcrição de voz

According to a report from the WAbetaInfo, the voice recording would not need to be sent to Facebook or WhatsApp to make the transcription, the entire process would be done locally smartphones

In addition, the report also states that messages recorded during transcript delivery will help apple to improve your speech recognition technology. 

But what was not very clear is that, despite claiming that the data will be transcribed locally, the report also states that:

"The WhatsAp audio transcription, which is in progress, will send data to Apple."

If this really happens, it would be a major violation of user data privacy.

New WhatsApp Voice Transcription Feature

The transcription or conversion of audio to text will take place in a separate section which will be titled 'Transcript' and users will also be able to jump for a specific timestamp.

When a message is transcribed for the first time, it is saved locally in the database of the Whatsapp and users can also access the transcripts later. WhatsApp voice transcription feature will be optional. 

Those interested in using the resource will have to do the opt-in, providing special permission. As seen in the screenshot shared by the portal WAbetaInfo, the permission dialog is titled "I would like to access speech recognition." In addition, it reads that the data will be sent to the apple for 'processing'.

As WhatsApp brings a feature to the Android and iOS platforms, it is highly likely that the feature voice transcript also reach Android devices in the future. 

With the latest update of Android and Pixel devices, users can transcribe and translate voice entries in real time and therefore it shouldn't be a problem to implement the same feature in WhatsApp.

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